Transform Any iPhone, iPad Case Into A Waterproof Case

Protecting your iPhone and iPad from one of the most dangerous elements of all without the bulk is now a reality. And what is you could waterproof virtually any protective case you have in the process? Gooma's Case Marine is less of a case and more of a clear, ultra-thin waterproof touch-thru membrane cover that's made out of polyurethane and acrylic which can stretch to form fit the iPhone or iPad and is then sealed from the back using a watertight seal strip. The Case Marine's durable stretchy membrane is waterproof rated for up to 10m (32.8 feet), and will also protect against scratches and dust. It's so thin at 0.25mm that you can still use a protective case with your iDevice. 

Gooma's Case Marine is without a doubt the thinnest waterproof case out there that lets you enjoy your iPhone and iPad as if they were unprotected. The downside? You won't be able to use any of the device ports, but you could still be able to make phone calls. The Case Marine for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 comes with 10 waterproof seal strips and 2 clear membrane covers for $71. Gooma plans to release the iPad version soon. Check out the video down below for more.