Apex Armor Aluminum Bumper Case for iPhone 4

The Apex Armor is a new aluminum bumper case for the iPhone 4 and it's entirely made in the US. iPhone 4 users have wanted to leave behind their plastic and silicone cases for something that looks and feels like a worthy option. That's when aluminum cases come into fruition. The Apex Armor sports a curvy slim form-factor that makes it an all around compatible-everything aluminum bumper case. Be sure to catch the full review right after the jump.

The Apex Armor I've received for this review is the black matte version and it looks very stealthy. Just the way I like it. The bead blasted finish is much nicer to grip than a glossy finished aluminum. Until today, all the aluminum bumper cases I've held were all very similar in size but the Apex Armor is slim. And when I say slim, I mean very slim. It's so slim that there isn't even a lay-on-the-table design on the front and back. It's designed to have a very slim form-factor that even a grain of salt would easily reach the glass of your iPhone 4 should you lay on flat on a table. Not such a big deal if you have a skin on the front and back of your iPhone 4 which I always recommend when using a bumper style case. Unfortunately, the Apex Armor does not come with any clear protectors.

I love the slimness so much that I was glad to find out the Apex Armor could easily fit any types of front and back skins including these Trunket wood skins. The outcome is amazing. The Apex Armor is like a true bumper that only goes around the iPhone 4's metal band and doesn't interfere with any protective films. All of the cutouts allow for an easy access to all ports and buttons on the iPhone 4.

Apex Armor took protection very serious and added soft padding all around the inside of the Apex Armor bumper case and that will do a great job protecting your iPhone 4 from shock and minor drops as well has extra scratch protection against metal to metal contact. There is a side sim card slot cutout that I think could have been left out because it's rarely used and takes away from the clean design of the Apex Armor. All it takes is 2 screws to install the Apex Armor onto the iPhone 4 and an allen tool is included.

I found it very comfortable to use and hold my iPhone 4 using the Apex Armor and the curved corners really helped make it more enjoyable to use and hold. So, on to the reception. I typically get 5 full bars and after putting on the Apex Armor, 2 bars dropped and I was left with 3 constant bars. So like any other aluminum bumper case, you're going to have to compromise some of your signal strength.

$79.99 will get you one of five different finished Apex Armor aluminum bumper cases and you've got the option to remove the Apex Armor logo from the side. There are Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 compatible Apex Armor models available as well. I would highly suggest taking a look at the Apex Armor if you're looking for a slim aluminum bumper case for your iPhone 4. I'm not a fan of the big logo on the side and the sim cutout and hopefully Apex Armor will update their bumper very soon. Price $79.99.