Trunket American Rosewood Wood iPhone 4 Skins

Trunket's American Rosewood wood skins for the iPhone 4 are one of the most amazing wood skins money can buy. These skins are like no other with an amazing distinctive look that screams uniqueness all around. Trunket's wood skins are hand crafted in the USA and are available in a wide range of beautiful colors for $34. Check out the full review right after the break.

From the cardboard and hard plastic packaging to the easy to follow instructions, the experience of handling one of these wooden skins is impressive. I wouldn't call myself someone who looked for the wood feel and look, but after getting my hands on the Trunket wood skins I just feel in love. They look so fragile because they are very thin slices of wood yet they remain durable and extremely easy to install and later on peel off without any residue left.

Inside the packaging, not only will you get a back skin for your iPhone 4, but also front top and bottom pieces to completely transform your iPhone 4 into something that feels completely different. And it's amazing. Every piece is cut so precise and fits the iPhone 4 spot on. I couldn't say this enough, I'm in love. Trunket is nice enough to include a very handy alcohol swab to clean your iPhone 4 from any dirt so that your Trunket skin will stick and stay stuck until you will peel it off yourself. 

Trunket was nice enough to include a few of their wonderful colored wood skins for this review including their Sea Blue, Violet, Jet Black and orange colors. They are all amazing looking without a doubt. The detail and quality is second to none. The finish is smooth and gives you that wood grain feel. I really think the metal logo inlays add so much character to the Trunket wood skins that I would say that it should be one of the main reasons why you would actually be attracted to their wood skins. They really are like no other. I could do without the corner Trunket metal inlay though.

Having the Trunket wood skin on the front of the iPhone 4 has its own advantage over regular vinyl skins like GelaSkins. Because these skins are actually real wood, they have a thickness to them that is yet very thin but at the same time allows the iPhone 4's glass screen to be slightly recessed. That means you've got some front screen protection using the Trunket wood skins over regular vinyl skins. That being said, the home button is also slightly recessed due to this, however it's still very easy to press without any issues at all. The cutouts for the front camera, ear piece and proximity sensors are all cut perfectly.

Besides having a great looking iPhone 4, comfort isn't affected by the Trunket wood skins what so ever. They add no bulk and they are very smooth all around so that there isn't a very noticeable change other than having the great feeling of the natural wood against your skin. I've had no issues using the camera with the LED flash.

You can go above and beyond with the Trunket wood skins and even use them with some bumper style cases like the E13ctron and Apex Armor aluminum bumpers. If you're looking for amazing quality wood skins for your iPhone 4 at a very reasonable price, Trunket are more than recommended. Scratch protection just got fancier. Price $34.