CaseCrown Bold Standby Folio Style Case for iPad 2 Review

Our good friends over at CaseCrown have sent over their Bold Standby case for the iPad 2 for a test run. It's executive looking and as the name implies, it's bold as can be. I haven't had the chance to review many folio style cases before so CaseCrown's Bold Standby - folio style case is an interesting accessory that I've got the chance to put it through its paces for quite some time now. Do I like it and it's worth your money, questions and more will all be answered in the full review right after the jump.

If you're after that executive look and feel, the CaseCrown Bold Standby case should be on your shopping list. CaseCrown typically has very affordable prices on their products and I think the Bold Standby is probably one of the better options for a folio style case at a very fair price tag. Don't expect real leather for the $26.95 price tag, but at least the faux leather used in the Bold Standby case is on the better materials I've tested. There is no awful chemical smell oozing from this case like other cheap faux leather cases out there. The quality here is solid, however don't expect Vaja quality. There are little imperfections here and there to be found. 

Around the back you will find the sturdy front flap anchor as well as two cutouts for the speaker and camera. While the speaker and camera cutouts are not the most perfect cutouts there is, neither interfere with the latter. 

Like all folio style cases for the iPad, the iPad 2 slides into the Bold Standby from the side and is secured inside by tucking in the velcro tab which secures the iPad 2 tightly inside the Bold Standby case. The interior is all lined with a black suede-like soft microfiber material depending on the color of Bold Standby case, the interior will have a different color. The only issue I've ran into with this lining is that it attracts a whole bunch of lint and dust very easily and quickly. Don't be too worried though, the front cover never comes in contact with your iPad 2's screen because of how the bezel is covered up protected by the case itself. 

The nice thing about the Bold Standby case is that it supports the iPad 2's magnetic sleep/wake feature and the front cover uses it's built-in magnetic strip to keep itself closed. Holding and using the iPad 2 inside the Bold Standby is not an issue and like all folio style cases, you will need to flip the front cover all the way back. I haven't had any problems with discomfort while using the Bold Standby case and the overall bulk isn't too bad considering it's a folio case. I did however run into some trouble when wanting to get to my iPad 2's buttons. There is a bit of an over-recessed situation around the iPad 2's buttons caused by the Bold Standby and the iPad 2's steep contours that makes reaching for the side buttons and switch not very easy. Though ports are all easily accessible and allow 3rd party accessories and cables to fit. 

Moving onto the bread and butter side of things, the Bold Standby's landscape and typing modes. If there is something this case does well is it's stand functionality. It does it surprisingly well. The landscape angle is at a perfect viewing angle for watching movies and even browsing the web, playing games or whatever you want to get done. It's a very sturdy stand position and it allows you to fully interact and touch your touch screen without having to worry about your iPad 2 falling and tilting back. 

Typing mode is also at a good comfortable angle for typing and is as sturdy. Besides the stand functionality the Bold Standby has to offer, it also offers a whole lot of protection to the iPad 2 with its hard and tough layers. It feels like a hard cover book with a leather feel carrying the iPad 2 inside the Bold Standby case. If you're looking for a solid performing folio style case for your iPad 2 at a very affordable price, the CaseCrown Standby will get the job done. The Bold Standby is available in 6 different colors for $26.95.