SGP Illuzion Leather Sleeve for iPad 2 With Smart Cover

Here's another Smart Cover compatible sleeve for the iPad 2 for those who just can't live without it. There are numerous accessories that are now Smart Cover compatible with the iPad 2, and SGP's latest and greatest Illuzion sleeve is one of those accessories. The Illuzion sleeve is made out of genuine leather that comes in all the same colors as the Smart Covers so you can perfectly match the Illuzion leather sleeve with your iPad 2's Smart Cover. If you're looking for a nice leather sleeve for your iPad 2, you should check out the full review right after the break. 

The envelope style design of the Illuzion leather sleeve makes for a very straight forward and simple operation. The good news is that there are two magnets embedded into the leather and act as the sleeve's closure system. I found these magnets to be pretty weak yet they seem to get the job done in keeping the iPad 2 secured inside. No need to worry about any magnet interference between the Smart Cover's magnets and the Illuzion's magnets. The two magnets are more so visible on the inside as they are on the outside of the sleeve.

I really like the intirior lining SGP used and it's called a microfiber Chamude material which feels soft and will keep your iPad 2 scratch-free. The overall thickness of the Illuzion leather sleeve is on the slim side keeping bulk to a minimal for easy carry. 

Fit and finish isn't all the impressing. The Illuzion leather sleeve was designed to fit an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover on but at the same time, SGP also includes the original fat iPad to be compatible with the Illuzion leather sleeve. This hurts the exclusive fit towards the iPad 2 making the sleeve not very form-fitting around the iPad 2 with a Smart Cover on. Sure you can use your iPad 2 naked inside this sleeve though the fit will be very loose. The leather shows wrinkles from excess material and I don't like the non-stretched look of the leather. SGP should have not designed a sleeve to be compatible with both the iPad and iPad 2 from the start. A good fit that's tight-fitting is important and the Illuzion leather sleeve isn't doing a very good job at it. i would point however that the iPad 2 with a Smart Cover on does fit nicely into the Illuzion leather sleeve, but there is a feeling of spare room.

What I liked about the finish of the Illuzion leather sleeve is that it doesn't have any logos on the front side leaving a very clean and simple sleeve look. On the back you can see the SGP logo embedded into the leather which isn't obtrusive, and that's how I like it. You can also see here the leather not being very tight to from-fit the iPad 2 with the Smart Cover on.

Generally I've had very good experiences with SGP's leather cases and the Illuzion leather sleeve is no exception. The quality of how this sleeve it put together is great and the quality of the leather is outstanding for the $59.99 price tag. It's just too bad that this sleeve isn't more form-fitting towards the iPad 2. If you don't mind a bit of excess room then the Illuzion sleeve is a pretty good solid choice for the price. Otherwise I would suggest looking elsewhere.