FX Photo Studio Pro Photo Editing App for Mac Review

Are you looking for a simple way to add nice pleasing effects such as "Alien Skin" or "Ancona" but don't feel like having to do it all manually in Photoshop? If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to do this check out MacPhuns FX Photo Studio Pro, simple, sleek, fast way to add stunning effects to your pictures and give it some flare. You can pick up pro version off the Mac App Store for $39.99 or the lite version for $9.99. Check out the rest of the review after the break!

FX Photo Studio is probably one of the easiest ways to simply import a photo, click around 2-4 times and get a better looking photo with more eye appeal. You are greeted by a simple starting interface with load image, import image, open recent, and drag 'n' drop your image here. There is nothing complicated at all in getting started and getting down to editing your photo.

After you have chosen your photo and you want to edit you are greeted with the fun stuff, all the awesome and amazing effects. I cannot possibly describe how many amazing and awesome effects there are. You can choose from over 170 effects that can make your image just *POP*. The nice part is all the effects are put into different categories (Art, Blur, Color Fantasy, Glow, ETC) and FX Photo Studio will automatically round up your favorites. You can also choose your presets yourself incase you have your own custom effect blend. There is also the nice *roll the dice* button to give a randomized custom effect.

You may think "Darn I can't edit this effect at all after applying, I have to use the default", well your wrong. Each effect has an edit panel where you get to choose the intensity of the effect, Contrast, Saturation, Brightness. Each effect brings up a different assortment of sliders to choose the way you want the effect to look.

What if you want to crop, rotate or adjust the photo? You can do that too. It's just as simple as with adjusting an effect. You have sliders and simple tools to easily rotate it to a perfect angle, and choose what exactly you want in your photo. Adjusting the photo is just as easy and has all the ways you can adjust your photo in Photoshop, but a lot simpler and easier to use. You can adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, hue, color balance and more!

After your done getting that perfect image that *POPS* you can easily share it. You can post it to Facebook,Tumblr, Twitter, add to a Flickr album, or even email the picture all from within the application it self.

FX Photo Studio Pro makes it easy to take a bland boring photo, and in a couple of clicks you can have an amazing photo that *POPS* without any hassle and easily share it with the world. You can pick up the pro and lite version off of the Mac App Store for $39.99 and $9.99. Go check it out!