ZENUS Prestige Pearl Lizard Folio for iPad 2 Review

Today we got our hands on the ZENUS ‘Prestige' Pearl Lizard Series iPad 2 leather folio. Zenus looks to continue its successes with its iPad cases rolling out with a new lineup for the iPad 2. Diving into the familiar yet always interesting field of leather cases, Zenus looks to make a big splash. Coming in at a relatively moderate price for leather cases, $90, can the ‘Prestige’ live up to its big name and predecessor? Check the review after the break!

The ‘Prestige’ is made of a ‘lizard hide’ leather that has a hard protective feel that still looks great although the leather began to wear down after only a few days of field testing. While its obvious that the ‘Prestige’ was not built for iPad protection rather than glamour and glitz, it should hold up with your daily use although I don’t recommend dropping your iPad anytime soon. The case does well to keep the iPad’s slim form and it fits the iPad well with no sliding. Unfortunately the cut quality could be improved around the side buttons and the top speaker is completely covered with an awkward cut for nothing. 

The front cover flap has a small magnetic clasp that takes advantage of the iPad’s ability to turn off/on automatically when covered or uncovered. This feature is usually a game changer for me just because its incredibly convenient and really brings out that ‘magic’ of the iPad. Unfortunately, the front flap has a small lip around it that gets in the way when closing the cover and can often make you spend precious seconds maneuvering it into its proper position. Although its not a big detail, its a significant detail that I run into several times per day while using this case.  

The ‘Prestige’ also has a flap back that is geared towards viewing your iPad in landscape view to watch a movie or possibly type a document. Unfortunately, this feature leaves a lot to be desired. If you can even figure out how to properly bend and fold your case into its correct position you’ll find that only one viewing angle is available and typing is near impossible on it.  

Although it's a great looking case, the Zenus ‘Prestige’ has too many flaws for me to recommend. It's not cheap at $90 and you can get a better quality leather case for the same price. I don’t see this case making it out of your home very soon, but if you still want it it's offered in Real Black, Blue Black, and Dark Olive.