Padlette DeeTwo Grip Handle for iPad mini Review

Oh Padlette, that favorite silicone grip handle for the iPad of ours now comes in a new flavor. The DeeTwo (D2) is Padlette's latest silicone made grip handle designed to fit any ultra-portable 7-inch tablet like the iPad mini and the Nexus 7; arguably the two best tablets in the category. Once paired up with a 10-inch variant tablet such as the handsome iPad, there's no substitute for a Padlette. It really is one of the greatest accessories you can get for you tablet if grip is what you're looking for. Obviously it isn't going to suit everyone, but do ultra-portable tablets like iPad mini call for a grip handle such as the DeeTwo? We find out after the jump!

Padlette's new DeeTwo is so new it isn't yet available as of this review. But you'll be able to grab one for just $12 at the end of November in all the colors of the rainbow. Like its larger brother, the DeeTwo is fully compatible with slim cases like SwitchEasy's CoverBuddy to give you an example. As well as screen protectors and skins.

The DeeTwo Padlette is an insanely simple to use, silicone grip handle that stretches tightly over two opposing corners of the iPad mini (or any other tablet for the matter) to form a grippable rubber band-like handle that you can use and manipulate your fingers and hand thru and under as you see fit. The Padlettes are designed to give you superior secure grip of your tablet so you can take your mind off of having to worry about what might happen if you make the wrong move which can end in a bitter and costly situation. That and the fact that the Padlette is indeed a very comfortable grip aid that takes the load off of having to tightly grasp the end of your tablet's bezel.

It's difficult to tell you how to grab onto your tablet while using the DeeTwo, it's something you'll have to feel for yourself. Once you get the hang of it, finding the right comfortable grip spot for your hand or fingers to settle around with the DeeTwo results and a very secure hold. 

The Padlette was one of my most favorite, most used accessories for the iPad 2 and iPad 3 until I made the switch towards the much more compact and easy to handle iPad mini. I simply could not take it off it was that awesome. When I heard the news about Padlette creating the DeeTwo for smaller tablets, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to give it a try on the iPad mini.

Now this can either go horribly bad or it can end on a sweet note from here on out. Saying it like it is, the DeeTwo is a bittersweet and highly personal taste oriented more so than the larger original Padlette grip handle. Personally I love using the iPad mini and think holding it isn't nearly as a chore as holding onto the larger and heavier iPad. It's so lightweight and compact that you can hold it comfortably with one hand without trying very hard, again unlike the larger iPad. 

The downside to the DeeTwo is that it does not lay flat against the back of the iPad mini like the original Padlette which allows the iPad to lay completely flat on a surface while it is protected by the silicone of the Padlette grip. The DeeTwo's bulging loop it creates puts it at an annoying tipping angle when laid on its back. Padlette says that this is actually a stand feature and that you can stick something in between to create a supported viewing stand. I don't see how that works really. I'd rather lay the iPad mini screen side down since the DeeTwo provides an elevated setting.

The second drawback is that small amounts of the iPad mini's screen are partially covered in the corners where the DeeTwo wraps around. It's more of a nitpick however as you can adjust the position yourself when the silicone starts to creep over the corner of the screen.

A Padlette is very much like a life saving harness. It wraps around the iPad mini or any other tablet for that matter, and simply offers a secure grip, or grip handle for you to grab hold of your device without it accidentally slipping our of your grasp. The secure fit feeling the Padlette provides gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can let lose and relax without worrying about what could happen to your iPad if you hold it without paying too much attention whilst you focus on content.

However, the downsides of the DeeTwo are quite disappointing like the bulging uneven back it creates unlike its larger brother, and the tiny amounts of screen corners it covers up once in a while. A smaller design of the original flat-laying Padlette would have been a better decision. Do keep in mind that you don't benefit as much when using a Padlette with the iPad mini as opposed to using it with a large tablet.