iHealth BP5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Fitness tracking gadgets are increasingly popular, and we can attest to that having had reviewed some of the more impressive offerings such as Fitbit's minimalist Flex wristband, the One clip-on tracker and Jawbone's stylish Up wristband. Those devices are without a doubt useful in tracking your daily active lifestyle, but what about tracking the more critical sides of your life like your blood pressure and even your heart rate. It only makes sense that more critical health devices join the group of acclaimed app-enhanced wireless fitness devices. That is why we're going to be taking a look at one of iHealth's wireless blood pressure monitors, the company's BP5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor to be more specific. A fully wireless, Bluetooth enabled blood pressure monitor that's portable and lets you use your iPhone as your wireless user interface.

Color us interested, because using your iPhone to check your blood pressure is pretty awesome and most entertaining for us geeky tech enthusiasts. iHealth's Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, or to call it by its model name the BP5, is one sleek looking device that modernizes an otherwise serious platform of BP monitors. But what we want to know is how well can it measure your blood pressure and its ease of use. We're also going to be comparing it to some of the most reliable non-wireless blood pressure monitors to see whether it can stack up against its less expensive and trust worthy rivals. So make your way down the aisle, because our full review is down below!

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