NuForce Cube Portable Speaker Review

Meet the latest of NuForce's audiophile-grade audio devices, the Cube. No this is not the Allspark in disguise, and although it looks cute, it'll tear your ears apart with room filling sound. What is it? The Cube is first and foremost a portable speaker designed to serve up big audio despite its tiny size. If that's not enough, the Cube is also an all-in-one portable speaker, headphone amp and at your computer desk it serves you as a USB DAC. Is this the wonder cube you've been waiting for? We go ears on in the full review right after the jump!

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Just Mobile AluCube With AluPen Stylus Review

After the success of the AluPen stylus, Just Mobile has released the AluCube to accompany its pencil shaped aluminum stylus for capacitive touchscreen tablets. Styluses are fast growing to become one of the more desirable accessories one can get for a large touchscreen tablet such as the iPad. Just Mobile's AluPen has been one of the more unique styluses on the market with its solid aluminum construction and chubby pencil design. Some may find the two be the most useful tools to get the job done while others may point and laugh. 

Whatever the case may be, you may find this particular stylus set to fit in nicely on top of your desk. So jump past the break for the full review!

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Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik Speakers

A great brand name, design, functionality and sound are all the key ingredients of which superb speakers come to fruition. Palo Alto's Cubik speakers are most likely the only pair of angled cubicle speakers you've never seen before. The Cubik's cube design certainly lives up to its name. You may be thinking these pair of speakers are going to set you back a lot, but thankfully that isn't the case. The Cubik will run you just under the $200 price tag. These puppies are no small speakers but they also don't have a dedicated subwoofer that's a relatively native feature with almost all speakers at this price point. While looks are very important to most consumers, sound is the most important factor when it comes down to picking up a pair of speakers. Find out just how well Palo Alto's Cubik speakers perform in the full review right after the jump.

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