The Best iOS4 Supported Apps


Just now, Apple released iOS4 for the iPhone and iPod touch and here are the best apps that are optimized for iOS4 (I will update more as more are uploaded to the app store):
  • Dropbox: The file-syncing app can now sync and complete uploads in the background, and also adds in support for fast app switching.
  • Evernote: The notes-in-the-cloud app supports fast app switching, and can continue to record audio notes in the background.
  • Pandora: Yes, you can finally play Pandora in the background and the quick music controls on the left-most panel of the app switcher even control playback when it's in the background. Nifty.
  • New York Times: Nothing major, but supports fast app switching.
  • ESPN ScoreCenter: Supports fast app switching.
  • How to Cook Everything: Supports fast app switching, so you don't have to reload a recipe every time you close the app and new high-res art for the iPhone 4. 
  • Fandango: Now has fast app switching.
  • LinkedIn: Adds fast app switching.
  • Tweetaholic: Supports fast app switching, and can also refresh your timeline in the background.
  • Ego: This stats app can tell you everything from how many Twitter followers you have to how many people have subscribed to your site's RSS feeds all in the background.
  • National Rail: Britain's National Rail app now supports fast app switching. 
  • Ambiance: This "environment enhancer" supports now the ability to play ambient audio, like thunderstorms, in the background.
  • Plants Vs Zombies: Now supports multi-tasking and fast app switching.

Source Engadget