iOS 4.3 Is Out

Apple has released iOS 4.3 Software update for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3/4th, and the iPad. The updates include Better Airplay, Faster Safari, iTunes Home Sharing, iPad Switch Choice, and finally Personal Hotspots. This is great, it's another leap in iOS.

iOS 4.3 Coming March 11

Alongside the iPad 2 being announced today, Steve Jobs with the help of Scott Forstall unveiled iOS 4.3 to the world. New features in the update include the Nitro Javscript engine from Safari on OS X to make browsing super sweet, new iTunes Home Sharing that lets you play content from iTunes to your iOS device over WiFi, new AirPlay features that we saw in the iOS 4.3 betas such as the ability for App Store apps to share audio and video. For the iPhone only, iOS 4.3 adds the personal hotspot feature but for only the GSM version and for the iPad it adds Photobooth and Facetime to take advantage of the new camera on the iPad 2. Oh and Apple is giving us choice of whether you want the switch on the side to be for locking the screen rotation or for it to be a mute switch.

iOS 4.3 will be a free download available on March 11 for the iPhone 4 (GSM), 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th gen and both iPad models.

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Verizon iPhone 4 Not getting iOS 4.3 Yet

On Apple's website where all the new information about iOS 4.3 it tells which devices iOS 4.3 is compatible with. Funny thing is the Verzion iPhone 4 is not listed under or even next to the iPhone section. It does have the iPhone 4 GSM Model but not the CDMA model. Even though the iOS 4.2.6 on the Verizon iPhone 4 has Personal Hotspot it does not have the new AirPlay Features or any of the Safari enhancements. I wonder what they will do.


AT&T Allowing Mobile Hotspot for iOS 4.3 Users


The Verizon iPhone has one amazing distinguishing feature over the AT&T iPhone and that is the 5 person Mobile HotSpot. Any WiFi capable device will be able to connect to the iPhone and share the data connection. AT&T has not said any word on whether or not they will be allowing this feature, but in iOS 4.3 beta this feature just works. Users have been reporting it works directly with their current tethering plan, and the fee's for the AT&T mobile hotspot on other phones are exactly like the AT&T iPhone tethering plan. Hopefully this will be accessible on the AT&T network when iOS 4.3 is released.

iOS 4.2 Released

After a long wait, apple has finallly released iOS 4.2 for the iPad. Around 5 months  since iOS4 was released for the iPhone. Anyway it is here now and it brings much needed multi-tasking, folders and AirPrint. The update also brings AirPlay, which lets you stream content on your iOS 4.2 device to an new Apple TV or an AirPlay compatible speaker and the Find My iPhone service is now free for all current generation hardware. 

It's not all good news with this update though. As Apple has changed the switch above the volume rocker from a rotation lock to a mute button. I liked that button, please change it back Apple? Please?

You can update to iOS 4.2 through iTunes right now and see the devices available for upgrade below.


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Flash Comes To The iPhone! Well Kinda...


Good news folks! You can now watch flash video on an iOS device! And how I hear you ask, by using a brand new browser called Skyfire. As you can expect, Skyfire does not use Flash exactly, because if they did Steve Jobs would kick its ass straight out the door, it converts Flash video to HTML5 so it can be played on iOS devices. However, Skyfire can't play flash games or on Hulu. 

Skyfire should be available on the App Store at 9 A.M. EST on Thursday after a wait of over a month for admission into Apple's walled garden. Check the video out below.

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Limera1n & GreenPois0n Jailbreaks Now Available on Mac & Linux


Alike most of you, I thought that the way that Geohot only allowed for Windows users to use his Limera1n jailbreak was a bit weird, but now you can enrage Steve on any platform you choose by using Limera1n by Geohot or Greenpois0n by the Chronic Dev Team. But remember, if you do try and break away from Apple's grasp, beware that there is always risks with Jailbreaking, so always back up. 

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