Flash Comes To The iPhone! Well Kinda...


Good news folks! You can now watch flash video on an iOS device! And how I hear you ask, by using a brand new browser called Skyfire. As you can expect, Skyfire does not use Flash exactly, because if they did Steve Jobs would kick its ass straight out the door, it converts Flash video to HTML5 so it can be played on iOS devices. However, Skyfire can't play flash games or on Hulu. 

Skyfire should be available on the App Store at 9 A.M. EST on Thursday after a wait of over a month for admission into Apple's walled garden. Check the video out below.

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Vimeo Ditches Flash for HTML5

The up-next to YouTube video streaming site Vimeo, today announced it's transformation away from Flash and onto the HTML5 platform. The new HTML5 video player will not be able to played thru all iDevices, Android and other non-flash supported devices. Vimeo calls their new HTML5 player a Universal Player. The new Universal Player will seamlessly play HD content on any website using the new embed code. 

Source 9to5mac | Vimeo 

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Apple Pushing HTML5 Even More


We all know Apple really loves HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript calling them the future of modern web browsing. Apple just went live with an HTML5 showcase page just to show how well it works with the latest version of Safari web browser, new Macs and new Apple mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad. Apple is showing off that there is no need for Adobe's Flash web plug-in to view videos, galleries, animations, transitions, listening to audio and more. Apple is also encouraging developers to start using HTML5 and offers them help on doing so. To check out these functions yourselves, click the source link below.

Source Apple

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