Hardcore Aluminum iPad 2 Case Made By LTD Tools

This has got to be the most industrial metal case for the iPad 2 in the world. This aluminum iPad 2 case is made by LTD Tools which are known for making some crazy looking metal cases for the iPhone. Its got an auto on/off lid feature that works with the iPad 2 and has a folio style to it that can be propped using the front cover as a vertical and horizontal stand while a smaller part of the cover pops out when you need a typing angle or if you wish to hang your iPad 2 on a wall. Hate that Apple slapped a speaker on the back of the iPad 2? LTD Tools' aluminum iPad 2 case has got the fix for just that with a slot for you to insert a business card into in order to better direct the sound towards you.

If you're into aluminum cases, this one might be an interesting contraption and it will set you back $140. Just a friendly warning, LTD Tools' website has got to be the most unorganized site I've ever seen so brace yourselves for an unfriendly customer experience browsing the site. Hit up the link to see some more images to get an idea of how exactly this aluminum folio will work.

Nir Schneider