G-Form Extreme Portfolio iPad 2 Case Announced, Dropped From 60 Feet (Video)

G-Form goes at it again with a new addition to their Extreme Sleeve case for the iPad 2 offering extreme impact protection called the Extreme Portfolio folio case for the iPad 2. This time, G-Form takes their latest Extreme Portfolio and compares it against the competition, Otterbox. What happens when you drop the iPad 2 screen side down from 60 feet straight onto pavement inside a G-Form Extreme Portfolio? Nothing. An iPad 2 inside a Otterbox Defender Series case will completely get annihilated on the other hand. 

The Extreme Portfolio has an adjustable easel stand, an inside pocket for documents and a reversible zipper that zips to convert the case to a doubly protective tablet format. Are you planning on a rock climbing trip anytime soon? You might want to pick up the Extreme Portfolio for the iPad 2 for $79.95 once it ships out on August 11.

Nir Schneider