Adonit Jot Stylus, World's Most Accurate Capacitive Stylus?

Adonit, the same guys who successfully brought you the Writer and Writer 2 keyboard folio case for the iPad and iPad 2 thanks to Kickstarter, have now developed a stylus to go along with the theme called the Jot. The secrete behind the Jot capacitive touch screen stylus made from aluminum and steel is in its tip. A precision thin, clear disk tip allows you to see exactly where you point your tip on the touch screen and get a more precise input while the ball point lets you comfortably use any angle. I swear I've seen this sort of stylus tip somewhere before. The Jot will be available in two flavors, the standard Jot stylus will come in 5 different colors while the Jot Pro will be available in more professional looking silver and black colors. The Jot Pro stylus will also feature a magnetic cling that can be attached to the iPad 2 and a rubber finger grip. 

The Jot stylus is set to retail for $18, and the Jot Pro stylus is set to retail for $30. You can pre-order yours over at Kickstarter at a discounted pre-order price.

Update: We've already got a review up on both the Jot and Jot Pro stylus right here.

Nir Schneider