Woom, The Convertible iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Woom has just started its Kickstarter project in hopes that its convertible keyboard case for the iPad 2 can become a reality. Despite the looks, the Woom isn't another aluminum case. It's made out of durable polycarbonate construction with a concealed, ultra-slim rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard in its base that opens up like a cash register to reveal itself to your fingers. Want to put that ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard to other uses? No problem, it's fully detachable like the iPad 2 itself and can be paired with any compatible Bluetooth device. The Woom reminds me little of Zagg's Folio keyboard case, only that the Woom looks like it took some illegal steroids because it packs more features like 360 degree rotatable angle for portrait and landscape viewing orientations, and many levels of viewing angles.

The Woom doesn't come cheap though. For all that chunk inside that cover, the Woom will set you back $89. And that's only the pre-ordering price. Head on over to Kickstarter for more.

Nir Schneider