GoPro-Like iPhone 4 Action Case Lets You Shoot Action Sports

When thinking about purchasing a camera for action sports, one would take GoPro into serious consideration, but if you already own an iPhone 4 why not use it instead? That's exactly the purpose of the Action Case made by Action Cases. It's the first ever case that lets you use your iPhone 4 as a fully functional action sports camera that can be mounted on a helmet, bike handlebars, a car or anything else that GoPro's mounts make possible. That's right, the Action Case uses all of GoPro's solid and reliable mounts thanks to the specially designed hinged iPhone 4 case. The Action Case by itself sales for $49 in case you already have some GoPro mounts.

The Action Case is designed very similarly to GoPro's own clear camera enclosures and made out of tough clear polypropylene plastic using stainless steel pins and internal shock pads for extra durability and protection. Unlike the GoPro cameras, the Action Case encloses your iPhone 4 in a non-waterproof cases, however Action Cases has said that it will work on making a fully water-tight Action Case in the future. With the being said, the Action Case complete with a few GoPro mount will run you $69, that's considerably less than a GoPro camera and the iPhone 4's HD video camera makes for a pretty good action sports mountable camera on the cheap. Head on over to the Action Case Kickstarter page to pre-order the Action Case.

Nir Schneider