i+Case Offers Sleek Aerodynamic Aluminum Curves For The iPhone 4

Granted we've seen just about every aluminum iPhone 4 case and bumper that was ever created, but we just have to point out this one called the i+Case. It's an aluminum bumper made for the iPhone 4 and with the typical drill of it being made out of a single piece of a solid block of aluminum using a CNC machine and the same process Apple uses to manufacture their unibody MacBook line of portables. There's no doubt that the i-Case doesn't look incredibly good with its sleek curves that with all the rumors circulating around, may even presumably make your iPhone 4 look like an iPhone 5. We can't help but notice how closely the i+Case resembles the ever so popular Japanese designed Draco, aka Deff Cleave aluminum bumper we've posted about a while back and even reviewed. The i+Case does have less specially designed curves we'll give it that, and it even has dedicated machined buttons too. It might not have the cool name, however it sure does look promising at $65. It's available for pre-order in black, red and silver colors.

Nir Schneider