iOS 6 Will Have Facebook Integration

Facebook has been rather busy in past few weeks, with their announcement of going public, how the FTC suspects them of antitrust violations, and now, Apple has decided to join the party as well. This insanely popular social media network has made itself into something that a lot of us cannot go a day without, constantly checking our news feed and notifications for the latest updates on our friends' lives. Fortnately for us iPhone users, Techcrunch reports that with Apple's latest release of iOS 6, that will most likely make an appearance at this year's WWDC, there will be a system-wide Facebook integration, similar to that of Twitter in iOS 5. 

While facts are still in the preliminary stages, this is great news for both Apple and Facebook to have combined both of their great products to bring us a better user experience in iOS 6. As Tim Cook hinted at during the D10 Conference, "stay tuned...".