Nex Design Contour, First Ever Screwless Aluminum iPhone 4 Bumper

Finally we see an aluminum bumper case that doesn't use any screws. The Contour by Nex Design is a CNC machined aluminum bumper made for the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 with a slider style, self locking screwless design no other aluminum case or bumper utilizes. It's literally unscrewable. Nex Design must have been a big fan of having their iPhone 4 dockable, now you can easily slide off that bottom peice to do just that without having to remove a bunch of little screws. The Contour was designed with protection in mind. That's why Nex Design has designed it so it'll have moulded urethane inserts to isolate your iPhone 4 from impacts and a front and back lay-on-the-table design. 

Nex Design's Contour aluminum screwless iPhone 4 bumper comes in six vibrant anodized color options for $49.99. Available for pre-ordering now.

Nir Schneider