Next Issue Offers Unlimited Magazine Access

At last, something that every avid magazine reader has been waiting for. Next Issue has brought their Android exclusive magazine app to the iPad. Now, you can have all of your favorite magazines all in one app, without having to hassle with multiple applications. Not only are they all in one place, you can add however many publications as you please, hence the "unlimited access". Simply put, this is the Netflix of magazines. You pay one low price a month and it's all you can read. 

As of right now, Next Issue will provide access to the most popular publications with higher readerships, such as Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair and etc. At $9.99, you will get access to the majority of magazines with monthly issues while $14.99 will get you truely unlimited access to both monthly and weekly publications such as Sports Illustrated and Time. Head on over to the App Store and check it out. If it sounds too good to be true, Next Issue is offering a 30 day trial for you to see for yourself.