SecureTips Keeps Your Apple Headphones In Place

It's become annoyingly commonplace for you to be rocking out to your favorite bands with your classic Apple headphones on and they just suddenly fall out. Apple headphones might not produce audiophile quality sound nor do they stay in your ear as comfortably as some other companies' headphones, but they get the job done... and so do SecureTips. Designed to work with your Apple headphones, simply attach them to your earbuds and they'll never fall out of your ear again. You can take them for your commute to work, casually listen to music at home, or even to the gym.  

Head on over to Kickstarter to support this simple but genious idea. Not everybody can afford expensive in-ear headphones, so why not just work with what you've already got from Apple? You can get yourself a set of SecureTips starting from $20.