Temple Bags' Leather iPad 2 Smart Case, Indiana Jones Approved

These expensive vintage leather and WWII canvas folio-like cases for the iPad 2 look like something Indiana Jones would use. Temple Bags' iPad 2 Leather Smart Case and iPad 2 Smart Case folios have back facing camera cutouts, horizontal viewing and tabletop typing stand capabilities as well as a magnetic closure system. Don't expect these to come cheap, if you're feeling leather is your material of choice, the iPad 2 Leather Smart Case will set you back $199 while the iPad 2 Smart Case will set you back $179 of your hard earned cash. Vaja isn't the only expensive case maker on the block. Check out the video right after the jump.

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SwitchEasy Rolls Out Canvas Folio For iPad 2

SwitchEasy has announced a new folio style case for the iPad 2 called the Canvas. The Canvas for the iPad 2 is a hybrid folio style protective case with an outer water-resistant and scratch-resistant matte canvas material and an inner polycarbonate plastic shell with padded microfiber lining. The Canvas employs a magnetic latch to lock and awake the iPad 2 like the Smart Cover. You can set your iPad 2 in a few landscape angles to view movies and the good thing is you will always be able to take pictures with the back facing camera even when you flip the front flap back. The Canvas folio is available now in 4 colors for $49.99.

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SwitchEasy Releases CANVAS for iPad

SwitchEasy has been on a roll lately releasing new iPad Cases, if you thought the TRIG and the CARA were great cases, I think that you will find the CANVAS to be a great addition to your iPad case collection. The CARA is made from a scratch resistant canvas material and features an all around tough protection system. The CANVAS case has a stand that has two standing angles so it provides the most versatile viewing angles. The CANVAS case is currently available on SwitchEasy's website for 49.99$ and is available in three colors.

Source: SwitchEasy

Direct Link: CANVAS for iPad