Tilt Cools Your MacBook Pro & Mounts It On A Tripod (Video)

MacBook Pros can get so hot often times that they can replace your skillet for cooking eggs in the morning. Kickstarter brings us yet another awesome new product just waiting to be released out into the wild. You thought you've seen your fare share of laptop coolers right? Wait until you get a load of the Tilt, one of the more unique takes on cooling pads we've seen to date. PC users will have to wait this one out I'm afraid because the Tilt was exclusively designed to work with the 15-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro while Tilt for the 13-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro is still under development. Sorry to say this but the 17-incher was never even mentioned. 

The Tilt was designed to have an Apple-esque appearance and simplicity to seamlessly blend together with the MacBook Pro offering an elevated desk stand and cooling for the bottom of your MacBook Pro when using it on your lap or at your desk using a built-in USB powered fan that circulates ventilated air thru a wide cooling channel called the FLOWThru Cooling System. The fan is said to be whisper quiet. The Tilt can easily be attached to the bottom of your MacBook Pro thanks to the MAXGrip mounting system like a quick-release plate offering a secured attachment that won't affect portability. 

Did I mention the Tilt serves as a tripod mount for your MacBook Pro? Oh yes. With all of this attached to the bottom, you might need to consider a new carrying sleeve because the Tilt adds an extra 0.6-inches to your MacBook Pro's thickness with all due respect. You can pre-order your very own right now for $45 over at kickstarter. Video after the break!

Thanks for the tip, Spencer!

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