Angry Birds Get Turned Into Smartphone Sleeves & USB Thumb Drives (Video)

Angry Birds fans are in for a treat. These handcrafted sleeves are most likely not officially licensed Angry Birds gear, but we can't help but think these are just as good as any other officially licensed accessory, if not more awesome. M.I.C Gadget are always the ones to get unique swag no ones else has. These Angry Birds sleeves will fit pretty much any smartphone they say, not only the popular iPhone. Made out of a thick, durable felt materials with an attached soft Angry Bird toy completely hand stitched, we fear by some underage kid in a China. The sleeves are available as a set including all six Angry Birds characters for $45.90, or if you don't plan on collecting them all, a single smartphone sleeve will run you $23.90 and also includes a bonus Angry Birds 4GB USB thumb drive. Now that's what I call a deal! Did I mention the Pig sleeves? Video after the jump!

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Apple Releases OS X Lion On A USB Thumb Drive

Apple has finally released the official OS X Lion USB thumb drive we've all been waiting for. Or not. It's now available to order via Apple's online store and should also be readily available at Apple retail locations for $69. Apple has stopped including the OS installation DVDs and USB thumb drives with all Macs since it made the latest OS X available to purchase thru the Mac App Store for just $29. Those of you who already purchased OS X Lion via the Mac App Store will be able to create their own Apple-logoless and less fancier USB thumb drive installation hardcopy using Apple's handy Lion Recovery Disk Assistant that creates a copy of Lion on your USB thumb drive for safe keeping. Good luck with all of your OS endeavors!

Nir Schneider