Goal Zero Offers Unlimited Energy The Green Way

Long adventures out in the wild is an adrenadline junkie's heaven, but not everybody's life mirrors that of Bear Grylls'. Particularly, not people who depend on technology as heavily as we do. Even a weekend camping trip may be pushing the limits to how long we can be apart from our internet and electronics. So, to get the best of both worlds, camping trips that use to revolve around the great outdoors and what it has to offer has become infested with Instagram fanatics and WiFi signals. 

As you can imagine, we're not here to tell you otherwise. Instead, we're encouraging you. Goal Zero, a leader in portable energy has created the perfect solution that harnesses nature to power your electronic devices. With solar power, you can now charge your iDevices through the Switch 8 and Sherpa 50 recharging kits. Take advantage of the fresh air and some new office space scenery. Let these solar powered chargers soak in the sun for 6-12 hours, and you can consume your content just as you would at home. If solar power isn't enough, you can charge these accessories through conventional methods as well. 

Goal Zero has yet to announce the exact details on these two new products, but expect to hear from them soon. Check out their website for other great solar powered accessories that will make your next encounter with nature a little bit more techy.