Firetext Smoke Alarm Notifies You When Your House Sets On Fire

I've always wondered what I would do if my house suddenly went up in flames while I was away. I would have never known that my beloved gadgets were being barbecued to a fine crisp until I got back home. This has been one of the biggest concerns I've had while I was away. Luckily, this gadget is here to save all its friends and of course, your lovely home too. The Firetext is just like any other battery powered smoke detector/alarm, but with one big difference. It will send you a text message to up to 4 numbers at a time once it detects smoke. You can even customize the text message to say something like - "Dude, your gadgets are about to get fried!".

The Firetext Smoke Alarm runs for £89.99, and you'll need an active serviced SIM card to get this to work though. Keeping your home safe while you're away might cost you a little more, it sure does beat potentially losing your collection of gadgets.

Nir Schneider