NuForce Icon iDo Amp Adds Audiophile Grade Audio To iPod, iPhone & iPad

NuForce has released a new amp called the Icon iDo that promises to improve your iPod, iPad and iPhone's compressed audio quality to CD quality sound by bypassing Apple's own built-in DAC (digital-to-analog-converter) by connecting to your Dock Connector port via USB to deliver audiophile grade audio playback with low-jitter. All that sounds great until you find out that you need to plug the Icon iDo to an external power supply to power it up. Not so portable now is it? But with that extra power, the Icon iDo amp can power up those juice-hungry headphones of yours without a sweat. It can also be plugged into your home stereo system with its RCA and digital Coaxial outputs. NuForce's Icon iDo amp features an LED volume indicator gauge on the front with a smooth volume knob and an aluminum enclosure. Available in 4 colors for $249.

Nir Schneider