The Best iPhone 4 Knockoff Is Running Android 2.2 (Video)

This is one of the best iPhone 4 clones out there. It's made out of the same high quality materials used in the iPhone 4 like a stainless band tampered front and back glass. Thins Chinese iPhone 4 knockoff was made so well that any iPhone 4 case will fit it precisely. The best of all though, it actually runs decent and usable software. Android 2.2 to be exact. It's heavily skinned with an iOS user interface that looks almost identical to the real deal but has all the goodies of Android as well. What's this amazing device called you ask? Gooapple. A mixture of the best of both worlds in one good looking device. The Gooapple will be available for around $260 in China later this month. A pricy knockoff for sure. Hit up the source link for more pictures and catch the video after the break.


Nir Schneider