iPhone 5 Silicone Cases Revealed

These silicone cases purported to be made for the upcoming iPhone 5 are now in full mass products across China. It's believed that when case manufacturers get strong enough leaked details of Apple's soon to be released products, they start to pump out cases to be one of the first to score big once the iPhone 5 is released. We've seen and even tried very similar silicone cases that were popping everywhere for the iPad 2 right before it was released, and those silicone cases turned out to be spot on. 

These silicone cases suggest the iPhone 5 will have a larger form factor and similar tapered back design similar to the iPad 2. It will be interesting to see Apple bringing back the first generation aluminum design to the iPhone 5 to match up with the slimmed down, tapered theme shown with the iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4G. The chances of these iPhone 5 silicone cases being the real deal is very high at this point. Past rumors pointed towards a slimmer iPhone 5 with a larger screen. We'll just have to wait and see if more identical cases reveal themselves to strengthen these rumors.

Nir Schneider