Sony To Provide 4K Streaming Content

Along with Sony's latest 4K OLED TV announcement, we can expect to see the very first 4K video distribution service from them as well. This has been a prominent issue for early adopters who are concerned with how much actual content will take advantage of the 4K resolution. 

Think of it as a Netflix for 4K content. This will help sell and promote the 4K market that Sony is trying to create. While this is a dandy idea, take a second and think about your Internet connection. As you can imagine, High Definition that go as high as 4K may not play too nicely with your bandwidth. It is still nonetheless a push from Sony that we will see within the near future. There has yet to be anymore details from Sony but we expect a launch in the US sometime in the summer. 

Sony Unveils Their 4K OLED TV, Unfortunately A Prototype As Of Now

It's Sony's time to shine and they've got 4K OLED to show off at CES today. Back in 2007, Sony outed the first OLED TV that was a measly 11 inches that was met with lackluster enthusiasm from the crowd, as you can imagine. Bigger is always better, or so the saying goes. However now in 2013, they're back with a vengeance and have come out with something much bigger and more impressive.

It has been confirmed that a 56 inch 4K OLED TV prototype is in the works and has been revealed on the CES floor. As you can imagine, 4K displays has been a goal for many manufacturers and to say the least, the quality is stunning. The quality of the OLED display aims to show much crisper and "organic" color and picture and with the combination of 4K resolution, you might not ever take your eyes off it after the first look. Sadly, we have to keep in mind that this is still a prototype with no announcement on pricing or availability yet, but you can bet Sony's 4K resolution and OLED combo will cost a pretty penny. 

Samsung Flexs Its Big 85-inch TV Muscles

It's big. 85-inches of HDTV is about to come your way and knock you down. This Ultra High Definition TV is what Samsung is showing the world today at CES. With an unique industrial design that reminds one of a drawing board, it is suspended off the ground and can tilt up and down, is the UN85S9. While it may have an ugly name, let me reassure you that the ugly stops there. 

As if it is floating in the midair, Samsung's behemoth will be one heck of a display to have in your living room, granted your living room is even big enough to house this beast. Along with the TV comes a 2.2 speaker system that borders the display itself. Unfortunately, 4K resolution will not be coming with Samsung. Instead, they will be focusing on upscaling 1080p content to fit the Ultra HD standards. For the UN85S9, this is done through a 1.35 GHz quad-core A15 processor. There is yet to be any information on pricing but Samsung plans to release the UN85S9 sometime in March. 

Apple Sells 1 Million Apple TVs


Last week Apple said it expected the new Apple TV to top one million units before Christmas and now they have told us the have. With the addition of AirPlay for wireless streaming content from your Apple devices and how the Apple TV now costs $99 have pushed up the sales of the Apple TV. One million sold in 3 months. Not bad for a hobby. Not bad. 

Source MacRumours

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