Meet The Zeppelin, A Missile-Like Capacitive Stylus

We've got yet another incredibly interesting capacitive stylus straight out of Kickstarter that targets Adonit's Jot stylus in hopes of shooting it down with its missile looks. The Zeppelin stylus is made out of machined solid aluminum with a contoured body shape, but its secrete isn't the missile style cap that serves as the Zeppelin's protective tip cap, but also as a visually appealing rocket stand. The tip is made out of a coiled teflon coated tempered stainless steel with a sprint base that allows for multiple writing angles and eliminates any clicking and tapping noise on the iPad's glass touchscreen, unlike the Jot's plastic disk that makes a quite audible tapping sound we've discovered while reviewing it.

The Zeppelin's stainless steel coiled tip is said to offer an ever clearer, unobstructed view for more precision over the Jot's clear plastic disk and ball point tip. Built-in magnets allow the Zeppelin to magnetically cling onto the iPad 2's bezel. In any case, the Zeppelin is available to pre-order for $25 and should retail for $59 once the Kickstarter funding is successful.

Thanks for the tip, Ken!

Nir Schneider