13-Inch Retina Display Macbook Pro Is Finally Coming

I'm sure by now, just about everyone is aware of the long-rumored iPad Mini announcement coming up on October 23rd. What if you don't care for a miniature version of your favorite tablet you say? Good thing Apple is also announcing a 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro then. 

There has been multiple reports from a number of reliable sources pointing towards the latest Retina upgrade for the most popular Macbook Pro. It is reported that the 13-inch models will come with a brand new never before seen battery design as well as ports replicating that of the 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro. Coming with a MagSafe 2, two Thunderbolt ports, USB 3.0 port, and a headphone jack on the left, while rocking another USB 3.0 port, a HDMI port, and a SD slot on the left. If you were hoping for an extra boost in GPU power, then you're out of luck. It seems that it is still designed for Intel's integrated graphics. 

Look forward to the announcement on the 23rd as we'll have the full report to keep you guys updated. 

iPhone 5 Preorders Begin September 12

News has come that Apple plans to begin accepting preorders for the long awaited iPhone 5 on announcement day. iMore, the first source to announce September 12th as the official reveal date has released further evidence to confirm the preorder date. Unfortunately, typical of all previous iPhone releases, preorders will be available first for customers in the US and a couple other countries while the rest of the world will have to wait for the second wave of shipments coming sometime in October.

If I were you, I'd ready my credit card the moment the Apple Online Store starts accepting preorders. The iPhone 4S preorders were sold out in literally hours and who knows how many more Apple-hungry customers are waiting this time around. Best of luck to all you! 

Apple To Announce The New iPhone September 12

At last, the most desired piece of technology we've all been waiting for. Rumors have been spinning out of control for weeks now, and for you who follow Apple news as closely as we do, that can only mean one thing – the iPhone 5 has arrived. Don't worry, this isn't another random piece of gossip that popped out of nowhere, this is the real deal. Multiple sources with tremendous credibility such as Macrumors, 9to5mac, and The Verge have come out and comfirmed the latest announcement. 

With an Apple media event planned for September 12th, look forward to announcements of the long rumored "iPad Mini" as well as the new iPhone. Signs have pointed towards increased production in Apple's supply chain as they charge full speed ahead to fill millions of waiting customers' pockets with a brand new creation. 

Apple To Release A New Product This Thursday?

Things are definitely stirring up at Apple right now as Apple is planning something big for its 10th retail anniversary this Thursday the 19th. A solid source told BGR today of the following:

  • There’s an overnight shift planned for around 10-15 individuals at each Apple Store to work from late Saturday all the way through mid-Sunday.
  • During the overnight shift, it’s going to be required that employees lock cell phones in the main office. They will also have to sign an NDA with Apple.
  • There are a wide variety of roles, we’re told, for the overnight shift. This includes all visuals staff, a manager, a business team member, a few Genius team members, one back-of-house employee, and a few generic Apple specialists.
  • Apple stores have apparently already received hardware to install, and are expecting more hardware to come on Friday or Saturday. All materials that Apple stores have received have been instructed to be under lock and key until after close on Saturday night.
  • Apple employees will be putting up black curtains at all stores so that people walking outside cannot see inside.
  • Employees have had to download gigabytes of data from Apple corporate labeled, “training” in a password-protected zipped folder that won’t accessible to managers or anyone else until Saturday afternoon.
  • Lastly, all Apple retail stores have mandatory meetings on Sunday, May 22nd. Most meeting are scheduled for the morning, but there are evening meetings as well.

Every time something like this happens, Apple releases a new product like the iPhone or iPad. Will we see the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S popping up in Apple's retail and online store this Thursday? It's not very likely. Apple will hold a keynote for the press when it will release a big product like the next generation iPhone and will send out invitations a few days ahead. There is still time for that though!

Nir Schneider


Apple Teases iTunes Announcement for Tomorrow


Well what is Cupertino cooking up here? iTunes Music streaming from that North Carolina data centre? iOS 4.2 for iPad with AirPrint? The Beatles in iTunes? On Apple's homepage it says that "exciting announcement from iTunes" and that "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget." Who knows what Apple is doing but it looks like something awesome. 

Check back on Apple.com at midnight in Tokyo, 3 PM in London, 10 AM in New York and 7 AM in California. 

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