Dock Your iPhone, iPod On The Aluminum Blok Dock

Docks aren't always case-friendly, and most are made out of plastic. The Blok Dock is a bit more satisfying if you're an Apple enthusiast and is essentially a slab of CNC machined aluminum shaped into a rounded-edged podium block that works with any iPhone and iPod with or without a case. Even the bulkiest of cases can fit into the Blok Dock with a quick adjustment and using your own USB sync and charge cable as the power source. The recessed bottom acts as a cable manager to help conceal excess cable for cleaner looking desk. Apple fanboys and fangirls would appreciate the Blok Dock having a similar anodized aluminum finish matching all Apple gadgets. 

This block of aluminum doesn't come cheap at $55 though. Pre-orders are now at full swing over at kickstarter with the black and red finished Blok Dock costing an extra $5 and $10, respectively. 

Nir Schneider