Makayama iPad 2 Movie Mount


Are you looking to drastically improve your video capabilities on your iPad 2? Well if you are here is this perfect new product announced, the Makayama iPad 2 Movie Mount. It allows you to further enhance your video recording on your iPad 2 by providing you with tripod mount for stabilization, being able to add different lenses, wide and macro, and also be able to attach and external mic. It is available now for $69.95. Also video below.

Quirky Stance Lets Your iPad 2 Roam Free In Your Cup Holder

Quirky's new Stance for the iPad 2 is a stand that can fit into cup holders of cars and gym equipment, and can be adjusted to various different heights and angles. The Stance's telescoping adjustable arm allows you to manipulate your iPad 2 in many different angles including portrait and landscape display modes that can then be locked in place. The cup shaped base on the Stance can also store the collapsible telescoping arm for portability as well as other small things like your power cables and in-ear headphones. The Stance is also a back cover case for the iPad 2 that connects to the adjustable arm and is Smart Cover compatible. The Quirky Stance stand and case for the iPad 2 is currently up for pre-order for $28. See the Stance in action right after the jump.

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ColcaSac Sleeves Tailored For iPad 2 Even With A Smart Cover

For the overly protective, ColcaSac announced new sleeves for the iPad 2 made to fit your iPad 2 with a Smart Cover on. Surely one side protection for your iPad is a no go, you're going to need something more, like a sleeve. As much as I and many others love the idea of Apple's awesome Smart Covers, the iPad will still need babying its bare butt. If you're not into the whole Smart Cover thing, ColcaSac has got you covered with iPad 2 sleeves and of course iPad sleeves. All you need to do is decide which fluffy sleeve you want to baby your new iPad. The ColcaSac sleeves are available in various colors, textures and materials and are priced at $35 - $40.

Nir Schneider