PlayStation Network Compromised, Password Reset Exploit

The PSN troubles are not quite behind us as Sony finds out that their password reset system has now been exploited. The exploit has forced Sony to take the password reset system offline temporarily until it irons out all the issues, again. Users who have been affected by the recent PSN hack have had their data stolen including their email address and date of birth. The two key ingredients for creating a brand new password which any hacker can use to create a new password for your account. Let's hope this will get fixed as soon as possible and that gamers will revert their attention to what they really want to do, game in peace. 

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PlayStation Network Fully Back Online

After weeks of downtime due to the hack attack on Sony's PlayStation Network and much frustration, the PlayStation Network is fully back online with upgraded security measures. Unfortunately the data that was stolen from millions of customers will never be recovered. Sony has issued a new firmware update that is mandatory for all PS3 consoles and you will be asked to change your password as soon as you sign into your account. The good news is that you can only change your password from within your own console alone. Sony has stated that its customers will get a welcome package in the next few days to sweeten the whole bitter situation PS3 gamers have went thru. For more info, hit up the source link and get your gaming on!

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Google Bringing Ultra High-Speed Internet To Kansas City

Google announced that it picked Kansas City, Kansas out of roughly 1,100 cities. Google will roll out their gigabit fiber network beginning 2012 which will bring locals internet speeds of 1Gbps, more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today. That is pure awesome. Although Kansas City were the first lucky ones to participate in this incredible service, Google said it will not stop there and it is working on bringing their ultra high-speed internet service to other cities and states. 

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Apple to Offer Verizon Compatible iPad

Apple has announced that it well sell a Verizon compatible iPad. Apple will put an embedded chip in the iPad to use the Verizon network. This differs from the current situation where iPad users need an external device to connect to Verizon’s network. Verizon has not announced when the new iPad will be available.

Verizon's LTE Network Coming Very Soon


Engadget has just received some internal documents on Verizon's 4G plans which seem to be the real thing. It mainly states information that we already know life between 5 and 12Mbps download speeds, aircards first before smartphones, and plans to deploy in 30 cities in 2010. However, the documents also say that they're still on track to serve up 100 million connections by the end of the year. Engadget have also receivced some pics of Verizon computers with the LTE SIM cards.

Another thing that the documents claim are that LTE has 30ms of latency! This would mean that the network would be blazing fast. We should also see some LTE tablets in 2011.

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Source Engadget

T-Mobile Next iPhone Carrier?

Ever since the original iPhone, users have complained about the iPhone being on AT&T's network in the US. Many people where expecting that the "one more thing" on Monday's WWDC keynote was going to be the iPhone on a different carriers, hopefully Verizon. However the "one more thing" was video calling which made a lot Verizon customers who whated the iPhone very disappointed. 

The iPhone 4 only has a GSM 3G radio which rules out Sprint and Verizon as they us CDMA, but what about T-Mobile? Well, the Kaufman Brothers investment analyst Shaw Wu, thinks that the next iPhone carrier in the US will be T-Mobile. Steve Jobs announced on Monday that the iPhone 4 will be capable of Quad-Band HSDPA/HSUPA 7.2Mbs down and 5.8Mbs up 3G speeds. The same as what T-Mobile uses, which could mean the next carrier could be T-Mobile. If you look at the sales data, Android always beats the iPhone when it is not available. But if the iPhone was available on multiple carriers that would dramatically change.

However, most analysts are saying that it would be in Apple's best interest to release the iPhone on the 2 biggest carriers in the US, Verizon and AT&T, rather than the 4th largest T-Mobile and At&T. But T-Mobile does operate around the world and it is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom in Germany and Apple could work out a deal to allow T-Mobile to sell the iPhone worldwide.

So will we ever see a Verizon iPhone? Probably in 2011 when the networks go along the upgrade path to 4G networks, specifically LTE which runs on GSM. In fact Verizon says that later this year it will have a LTE network up and running. Also T-Mobile is going along the LTE road while Sprint is already releasing Wimax 4G.

So what do you think? Will Verizon ever get the iPhone and will T-Mobile be the next US iPhone Carrier?

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Source: Computerworld