LifeProof Outs Nuud Waterproof iPad Case, $160 Of Toughness

Did you hear? LfeProof's new waterproof case for the iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Gen called the Nuud, is now available and shipping for $160. LifeProof only makes the most amazing waterproof iPhone case ever made. No big deal really. The Nuud should be just as great as the iPhone version and can keep your iPad protected against some of its worst enemies: water, snow, dirt and impacts - all while meeting military standards for drop and shock protection from up to 4ft (1.2m) and IP-68 rated water proofing down to 6.6ft (2m).

The Nuud, unlike the iPhone version, doesn't use a built-in plastic screen protector to help seal the iPad against water and instead uses LifeProof's nuud screen technology to fully seal itself around the iPad's bezel leaving the touchscreen display naked and fully tactile. The Nuud is made from materials that maintain grip when even when wet without attracting lint, and is designed to allow full button functionality with access to all ports as well as an AR coated lens for the back facing camera, and an enhanced audio pass-thru. LifeProof's Nuud is one of the first and slimmest tough waterproof iPad cases ever to be made. It's currently only available in black with a transparent back side.

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Photojojo Turns Your iPhone Into A GoPro

Summer is finally here and you have huge family vacations planned to go on cruises, hang out on the beach, or even to just relax by the pool. All of these activities have one thing in common: water. Photojojo's Scuba Suit is the perfect companion for your iPhone during these trips. Just slap it on and take a plunge into ocean without having to worry about a thing...for the first 15 ft. Similar to a GoPro, you can take pictures or videos underwater to snap some photos of beautiful sea creatures or just your kids having fun. 

Not only does the Scuba Suit guarantee a 100% waterproof case, the optical grade lens cover will get you some surprisingly great shots. The overall protection and quality of this case makes for a perfect accessory for the daily adventurer. Go ahead and check them out at Photojojo's website. They retail for $60.

EcoXGear's ExoXPro Waterproof Speaker Case Protects Smartphones, Cash

EcoXGear maker of rugged waterproof cases and speakers, has released a case combining the best of both worlds just in time for the summer. The EcoXPro is an extremely rugged and impact resistant, completely waterproof rubberized hard shell case up to 10ft for the iPhone and other smartphones which boasts a built-in, 3" speaker powered by three AA batteries, waterproof headphone input and a universal fit internal compartment that can accommodate many different devices including Android, Windows, Blackberry smartphones and MP3 players, and it can also store your credit cards, cash, keys and other small personal items.

While EcoXPro is fully submersible, it also floats keeping your tunes above water and valuables within reach at all times. EcoXGear's EcoXPro waterproof speaker case is avilable now in orange and black for $80.

Otterbox Armor Series, Toughest Waterproof iPhone 4S Case

Otterbox has revealed its latest and first ever waterpoof iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 case called the Armor Series case. Otterbox claims the Armor Series case is its toughest case ever built. The Armor Series is completely waterproof, and made from a thermoplastic shell and shock absorbing materials secured by a medical-grade stainless steel latch much like LifeProof's plastic closure latch, that will keep your iPhone protected against water, dust, drops and the unsuspecting threat of being crushed. By the looks of it, it's very bulky indeed. But Otterbox claims all the above is tested to be proof and not simply resistant. Otterbox's Armor Series waterproof iPhone case will be available on June 24.

Transform Any iPhone, iPad Case Into A Waterproof Case

Protecting your iPhone and iPad from one of the most dangerous elements of all without the bulk is now a reality. And what is you could waterproof virtually any protective case you have in the process? Gooma's Case Marine is less of a case and more of a clear, ultra-thin waterproof touch-thru membrane cover that's made out of polyurethane and acrylic which can stretch to form fit the iPhone and iPad and is then sealed from the back using a watertight seal strip. The Case Marine's durable stretchy membrane is waterproof rated for up to 10m (32.8 feet), and will also protect against scratches and dust. It's so thin at 0.25mm that you can still use a protective case with your iDevice

Gooma's Case Marine is without a doubt the thinnest waterproof case out there that lets you enjoy your iPhone and iPad as if they were unprotected. The downside? You won't be able to use any of the device ports, but you could still be able to make phone calls. The Case Marine for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 comes with 10 waterproof seal strips and 2 clear membrane covers for $71. Gooma plans to release the iPad version soon. Check out the video down below for more.

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