Mobee Goes Double Wireless With Inductive Magic Tunes Speaker, Magic Juice Backup Battery

Mobee Technology is in the news today for their latest additions to the Mobee collection of wireless inductive products that aim to set the standard for green and innovative gadgetry at CES 2013. Announcing three new products, the Magic Juice, Magic Tunes, and Magic Link giving a new definition to green power solutions.

The aluminum constructed Magic Juice keeps your iDevices alive after a long day of work, acting as a backup battery that is portable and easy-to-store. Just plug your iPad in for a full charge or your iPhone in for two. This is perfect for the traveler who can't always find an electrical outlet when on-the-move constantly. In addition to charging your iDevice, the Magic Juice can wirelessly charge itself with any of Mobee's flat inductive charging stations. It'll go on sale for $79. 

The Magic Tunes is an aluminum-made wireless Bluetooth capable compact speaker that is designed to be used in tandem with your mobile device. This small speaker is also equipped with an integrated microphone which makes it ideal for conference calls. Just like the Magic Juice, the Magic Tunes can be wirelessly charged when put on one of Mobee's inductive charging platforms. The Magic Tunes will retail for $99.

Lastly, the Magic Link is an unique charging cable that automatically turns itself off and stops sucking more power and hiking up your electricity bill. The cable itself illuminates a green color when it is on. While the cable is blinking, you know your device is charging. When the cable isn't showing any color, you know it's off. The Magic Link is compatible with the Lightning port, the 30 pin port, and mini and micro USB ports. The Magic Link will be available for $49. 

Mophie Juice Pack Reserve Micro Smartphone Battery Backup Charger

Mobphie's new $40 Juice Pack Reserve Micro backup battery pack is a micro-USB, keychain battery charger that boasts an internal 1,000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that'll provide ultra-fast recharging, and is compatible with almost all smartphones and gadgets with a micro-USB charging port. The Juice Pack Reserve Micro features a slimmed soft-touch exterior finished portable enclosure, multi-colored LED battery status indicator and a concealed flexible USB cable for charging. You can grab one starting today.

Nir Schneider


Just Mobile Releases Powerful Gum Pocket Sized Backup Battery

Just Mobile has released a miniature version of its Gum Max and Gum Plus backup battery packs called the Gum, an ultra-compact stylish smartphone and iPod compatible backup battery capable of fully recharging an iPhone with its powerful internal rechargeable 2200mAh battery capacity. Just Mobile's pocket sized Gum battery has a top and bottom aluminum construction and features three micro green battery indicator LEDs, one USB charging port rated at 1A and includes a micro-USB to USB cable, a micro-USB to 30-pin dock connector adapter as well as a carrying pouch. The Gum is available now in silver, red and black for around $50.

Griffin PowerBlock Reserve Wall Charger Packs Internal Battery, Charges Efficiently

Griffin has introduced its newly refreshed PowerBlock called the PowerBlock Reserve. Much like its predecessor, Griffin's PowerBlock Reserve is a wall charger that can be plugged into any AC wall outlet to start charging your device via a USB output. It can also deliver a charge even when it is not plugged into the wall, thanks to its built-in rechargeable 2,000mAh lithium-ion battery pack which charges its own internal battery pack at the same time its charging a connected device to save time leaving you with more juice for later. The PowerBlock Reserve features a row of LEDs for battery status indication, ruggedized coating and comes with a 30-pin Apple sync and charge USB cable. Expect the PowerBlock Reserve to be available this spring for $59.99.

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Mophie Debuts Juice Pack Powerstation Pro Rugged Battery Pack

Mophie has introduced its new Juice Pack Powerstation Pro battery backup pack with a 6,000mAh internal battery capacity that can charge virtually any device over USB. Mophie wanted to make sure that you'll have power no matter where you are and in what condition you are in, so the Juice Pack Powerstation Pro is equipped with a steel, aluminum and rubber creating an impact resistant outer shell along with water tight USB and micro-USB ports. This has to be the toughest battery pack that we've seen to date. Mophie has yet to announce the price and availability. 

Update: We've got more details - the Juice Pack Powerstation Pro will be available in February for $149.

Nir Schneider