Purported iPhone 5 Case VS. iPhone 4, Big Difference

As we reported in these past few weeks of new cases suggesting a drastically redesigned iPhone 5, more details have now surfaced showing exactly how big of a change there is between the redesigned iPhone 5 against the current iPhone 4. By the looks of it, the purported iPhone 5 case above points to a wider and slightly longer iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4G-like form factor with a relocated silent switch.

We could be totally off the guessing game though.This case might even suggest a newly redesigned iPod Touch 5G with a large screen while keeping its steep contoured design. It would make sense for Apple to enlarge the screen size of their beloved portable gaming device. I don't feel like ditching the blocky design of the iPhone 4 for the more iPod Touch 4G-like design makes sense because of how less comfortable it is to hold. You can see a lot more comparisson photos over at Macitynet.

Nir Schneider