Infuse Your Apple Wireless Accessories Into Wooden Trays

Now all your Apple wireless accessories like the Wireless Keyboard, Magic Trackpad and even the Apple Remote can be organized into one place. Combine Collective are the guys behind these Canadian wooden keyboard trays designed specifically to fit the Apple Wireless Keyboard. There are three version available, a single Wireless Keyboard tray, a Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad tray and a tray that fits both the Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad as well as the Apple Remote.

As of now you can only get these wooden trays in right-handed models while left-handed users need to wait a little longer. 

Source Combine Collective 

Nir Schneider


Tiny Apple Touchscreen Leaked!


Another Apple leak! But this time, a tiny touchscreen! Nobody knows what it is or what it could be, but the Taiwanese site just posted up some photos of a tiny touchscreen panel covered in Apple labels. The panel measures 3cm (1.18 inches) square. is the website that leaked the white iPhone 4 enclosure and the Macbook Pro Unibody enclosure, so given it's track record, I'm starting to think that this is a genuine Apple product.

So what could this be? Well there are talks of the next Apple TV remote, new iPod nano or iPod Shuffle and the one that I hope it is, the iWatch!



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