Quick Hands On With The 2010 iPod nano 6G

Iv'e had a quick hands on with the new 2010 iPod nano 6G and all I can say is that it's tiny! The multi-touch screen works flawlessly even if you've got large adult sized fingers. If you're used to Apple's multi-touch screens in the iPhone and iPod Touch, you will feel right at home with the new nano. It is a bit pricy at $149 for the 8GB model and $179 for the 16GB model considering you get a 1.54" display and you don't get the ability to have apps or take photos. You definitely have the option to geek out by transforming the new nano into an iWatch

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Engadget Posts First iPod Touch 4G & iPod Nano 6G Reviews

Engadget have got their hands on Apple's new iPod Touch 4G and iPod nano 6G, and also posted their reviews. The new 2010 iPod Touch brings 720p HD video recording, FaceTime with a front VGA camera and a retina display. The biggest disappointments are while the back facing camera shots 720p HD video, it only takes still images less than 1MP and without a touch to focus function. There is a big difference in image quality between the 2010 iPod Touch and the iPhone 4 main cameras. To see still image samples plus an HD video sample, hit up the source link below. 

The new 2010 iPod nano brings multi-touch interface and loses it's camera in a new ultra small package. Hit up the second source link for more. 

Source Engadget, Engadget 2

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iPod Touch Becomes Even Better Because of Cameras, Facetime and Retina Display

Alongside the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle announcements at the Apple Music Keynote this morning, the iPod Touch also got redesigned with long-lusted after features which makes this new iPod Touch basically exactly the same as the iPhone, except for the phone part. As it has front and rear facing cameras, FaceTime, HD video recording, gyroscope and the 1GHz A4 chip. What's more, it is even thinner! Now as you'd expect, you will have to pay a lot more for all of this compared to the other iPods, but you do get a lot more. Prices start at $229 for 8GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB. Shipping starts next week and pre-orders start from today.


Scosche Announces Cases for New iPod Touch 4G & iPod Nano 6G


After todays Apple keynote and announcement of all new iPods for 2010, Scosche and other companies quickly race to announce and reveal their case and accessory offerings for the new Apple products. Scosche today announced new cases for the iPod Touch 4G with front and back camera as well as cases for the iPod Nano 6G with touch screen. The SwitchBack case pictured above is a polycarbonate case with interchangeable backs and also a glossy integrated kickstand back plate. The SwitchBack is available in various colors for $34.99 with expected ship date of early October. You can pre-order yours right now on Scosche's site.

The Scosche TightGrip for the new iPod Nano 6G with touch screen is a simple silicone skin that comes in a pack of three for $19.99 and it's also expected to ship early October. Available for pre-order now on Scosche now. 

Scosche also announced many other cases for the new iPod Touch 4G including a hybrid version of the KickBack which features rubber and hard plastic for $29.99, BeefKase polycarbonate case with outer leather and other colors. 

Source Scosche

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Apple Reveals New iPod Nanos and Shuffles


At the Apple Music Keynote today in San Francisco, Steve Jobs took the stage to announced the holiday line up of iPods. So any way lets get into it.


The iPod Shuffle was first to receive an update. The iPod shuffle has been a strange device. Many say it is pointless because of the lack of a screen, while others say (mainly people who exercise) say it is an essential part of the iPod line up. This year it got back the buttons but also has the same voice features of last years buttonless model. Not much else to say except it has a clip so you can clip it on clothes, it comes in 5 colours and it has 2GB of storage, all for $49. 


Next, iPod Nano. Earlier this year, we saw a very small touchscreen leaked out into the world with apparently Apple branding all over it. Well it seems like this one has come true. The new nano has ditched the click wheel for a touch screen, a very small touch screen at that, but it is still a touch screen and seems to have some sort of version of iOS running on it. All the usual stuff is on there in the form of icons on different screens and yes you can make it do the jiggly dance so you can move the icons around. Reports from places like Engadget are saying that the touchscreen is very responsive and great to look at. Also, seeing as it has a clock app, if you strap it to a wrist strap, you can turn it into an iWatch! And that is the only reason I'm getting one.

Tiny Apple Touchscreen Leaked!


Another Apple leak! But this time, a tiny touchscreen! Nobody knows what it is or what it could be, but the Taiwanese site Apple.pro just posted up some photos of a tiny touchscreen panel covered in Apple labels. The panel measures 3cm (1.18 inches) square. Apple.pro is the website that leaked the white iPhone 4 enclosure and the Macbook Pro Unibody enclosure, so given it's track record, I'm starting to think that this is a genuine Apple product.

So what could this be? Well there are talks of the next Apple TV remote, new iPod nano or iPod Shuffle and the one that I hope it is, the iWatch!



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Source Apple.pro