iMovie and Garage Band now on iPad


iMovie and Garageband are featured apps on iPhone and iTouch and also on OS X, but not yet on the iPad. With todays announcements Apple has said that they are brining iMovie and GarageBand to the iPad, which will be able to use the iPad 2's new A5 dual-core processor to its full potential. There are tons of features with iMovie, it has new themes, tweaked UI, and a home screen that looks like an old movie theater which shows previous project and theme templates. Gestures play a prominent role in editing the clips. Transitions are fully customizable, audio is also shown with full waveforms and able to include multitrack audio and import songs from iTunes. On Garageband the iPad studio has 8 different track recordings, 250+ loops and fully compatible with the Mac version. There are cool touch instruments like piano, synths, guitars and more. You can now plug-in a guitar and shred for real with virtual guitar amps and effects. When using the virtual instruments the harder you press on the screen the louder the instrument actually gets and plays a different sound. You are able to edit, with rearranging, trim, and edit it all from you finger tips. Both of these launch on March $11 for $5.

Music Video Shot Entirely on iPhone 4!

A Indy-rock band called “Doctor Pants” used an iPhone 4 as their sole camera to shoot a entire full-length music video. According to their blog at, they it took only 48 hours to complete as they started putting it together on June, 29th and finished it the very next day.

In this video you can really see what the new camera and 720p capture capabilities of the iPhone 4 are. It is shot indoors as well as outdoors, and captures both still and fast moving objects brilliantly.

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An iPhone 4 Short Film

This Short film was entirely shot and edited right on the iPhone 4 using the new iMovie App for iPhone. It really is incredible and it took the makers behind this short film 48 hours to complete. Of course in order to get very stable results, the short film makers used custom camera dollies with the iPhone 4 mounted on. This short film really shows the full potential of the iPhone 4's HD camera. Note: To view this in HD, click the source link below.

Source Michael Koerbel

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iMovie for iPhone Available Today

With the iPhone 4 capturing 720p, Apple announced iMovie for iPhone so you can shoot, edit and upload HD movies right on the iPhone. There are many features including: transitions, text and music. However, this app is only available for the iPhone 4 so don't go download it if you have only got a 3GS. Go here to download it for $4.99.

See the WWDC demo video below.

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