Type On This Wireless Virtual Laser Keyboard For iPad & iPhone (Video)

Forget about keyboard cases, this Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard made by Celluon is where it's at right now. The future is already here? I remember watching movies with this kind of technology and it was just CGI at the time. Now you can finally get the real deal. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard projects a full-sized red lasered keyboard onto a flat surface and will sound a clicking sound when you type. And it can connect to virtually any Bluetooth enabled device, not just the iPad and iPhone. The built-in rechargeable battery will only last for about two and a half hours of continuous typing in the dark of night. Too bad it doesn't come in other laser color choices other than the boring red color. You can grab one for $169.99 over at ThinkGeek. Where else? It's the only place you can geek yourself out. See it in action after the break!

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