Otterbox Defender Series iPad 2 Case Now Available

The makers of tough-only cases for gadgets have released the Defender Series case for the iPad 2. A part of the Otterbox most rugged line of cases. The multi-layer design incorporates a hard polycarbonate inner shell with foam interior surrounded by a shock absorbing silicone outer layer. The Otterbox Defender Series case for the iPad 2 also includes a clip-on front protection screen cover that also transforms into a typing and landscape stand. You can pick this up right now for $89.95 to protect your iPad 2 from just about anything and any environment except for water. If you just got yourself a Defender Series case and have no idea how to assemble the beast, check out the instructional video right after the break.

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Otterbox Acknowledges White iPhone 4 Form Factor Changes

If you were following the news around Apple's newly released white iPhone 4, you would already know that the white iPhone 4 is slightly thicker than it's older black brother, 0.2mm ticker to be precise. Now that's not such a big deal, however very tight fitting hard plastic cases would most likely not fit the new white iPhone 4 as of right now. Otterbox has already put up a message on each of the iPhone 4 case product pages acknowledging the difference in the from factors and saying that their Defender Series, Commuter Series and Impact Series of cases will not work with the white iPhone 4. 

Otterbox's Impact Series case is made out of 100% silicone unlike Otterbox's more tougher cases which employ both hard plastic and silicone. It's not clear why Otterbox deemed their silicone Impact Series case for the iPhone 4 to be incompatible with the white iPhone 4 at this time. The slight change in thickness of just 0.2mm in the white iPhone 4 shouldn't hinder silicone cases incompatible so if you're really in need of a tough silicone case for your brand new white iPhone 4, you should not need to worry about silicone cases.

Nir Schneider